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[#] Mon May 09 2022 08:33:19 UTC from Seg

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Welcome to the Citadel message board. Citadel is a line of BBS servers with a long and storied history.

All users are able to freely create rooms, just like on a classic Citadel BBS.

The classic terminal client is available via ssh by connecting to

If there is interest, full support for classic Email services can be enabled, including IMAP/POP3.

Don't be a jerk, and don't abuse the system.

[#] Thu May 19 2022 19:12:32 UTC from yummychickenblue

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Hello friends i found this place from twitter

How are yall doin

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[#] Sat Jun 11 2022 16:50:04 UTC from Seg

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Welcome, Google was threatening to take away my free G Suite that i've been hosting my email on forever, so I was evaluating moving it all to Citadel as it seems to be the nearest open source equivalent that isn't a nightmare to set up. But Google caved and gave us all "G Suite Legacy Edition" so there's no longer a pressing need for that.

I'm still looking at doing things like gating Twitter into Citadel rooms. There's an incredible amount of functionality packed into this little server. :)

[#] Tue Aug 09 2022 06:26:15 UTC from marvel

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hello everyone