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[#] Tue Jul 25 2023 01:43:27 UTC from TheColourOfFear

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Aww, but javascript is like a silly little elf language for elves, they don't know any better

[#] Fri Aug 18 2023 10:42:18 UTC from TheColourOfFear

Subject: Return to Dial-Pac

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How feasable would it be to have a "Return to Dial-Pac" option in the BBS, as opposed to completely terminating the connection? (Alternately, if that /is/ something you can do already, how do you do that? )

[#] Thu Aug 31 2023 22:20:50 UTC from Seg

Subject: Re: Return to Dial-Pac

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I wasn't quite sure what way would be preferable, it could be changed yeah. The Dynix menu is a bit of rust code I hacked together:

But what I really want to do is put the Dynix menu behind the BBS login, so that curdle could be made to track stats per user, do player rankings and whatnot... this would require hacking up the citadel client a bit, a codebase I've only begun digging in to...


[#] Tue Sep 12 2023 09:04:04 UTC from

Subject: :(

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im so bored

[#] Tue Sep 12 2023 09:10:38 UTC from TheColourOfFear

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that's unfortunate, have you tried spinning in a circle a few times?

[#] Sun Dec 03 2023 18:38:56 UTC from mia

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how do you do, fellow teens?
the dynix menu is a super slick tough, though I imagine line mode terminals do NOT aprreciate it lol
have a good day!!

[#] Wed Jan 10 2024 16:27:39 UTC from 778090

Subject: <script>upvote()</script>

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[#] Wed Jan 17 2024 22:59:06 UTC from 1234567890

Subject: People

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Hey guys


[#] Thu Jan 18 2024 19:52:34 UTC from TheColourOfFear

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Hello, 1234567890, notorious user of haxxed dot com!

[#] Tue Apr 02 2024 13:33:24 UTC from TheColourOfFear

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I might just be not understanding properly, but what's the "0000000129." room for?